Unlock Your True Potential with
C3 Success Coaching for Introverts

Get the guidance and support you need to unleash your unique strengths and reach the success you deserve.

Partner with someone who understands and honors your temperament type, motivations, and needs.

This coaching program is tailored to your exact needs as an Introvert, helping you to better understand and capitalize on your unique temperament type and biology (yes introversion is based on biology). Partner with a co-pilot that “gets you”, you can unlock the power of your introversion and gain self-awareness that will take you to a whole new level of success and fulfilment.

Awaken Your Inner Potential as an Introvert.

With the right guidance, you can unlock your full potential and be more successful than ever before. The C3 success coaching for introverts is designed specifically to meet the needs of introverts, understanding their unique motivations and processing styles.

Why not leverage your innate abilities with an introvert coach today?
Research shows that the most savvy and successful people use a coach.
Why aren’t you one of them?

Don’t let the world pass you by—take control of your future and make it happen!

Joe Dispenza quote: "The best way to predict your future is to create it."

Amazing Introverts Zone has partnered with Sawatch Solutions to provide “C3 Coaching for Introverts”.
This special program addresses your unique needs and motivations as an Introvert, and your coach knows you process differently than other people and understands and honors your temperament type and biology. With them, you gain clarity and confidence, find greater equanimity, and discover what’s possible for you.

Having a coach who understands your unique style and temperament can help you find your clarity, confidence, and momentum for creating a life that feeds your soul and helps the world — without you getting drained. 

There’s nothing to fix about you. You just need someone that gets you and draws out your innate abilities and passions.

Don’t be part of the herd.

What if you could…

  • Find a path that fits you better and makes a difference in the world
  • Feel confident, as your true self
  • Do the things you want to accomplish without getting overwhelmed
  • Learn new ways to do networking that feel more real, more relaxing, and more effective
  • Share your heartfelt ideas without worrying about being judged
  • Be free of the fear that you don’t have the right personality to run your own business, lead, speak up, or go for what you want
  • Find a sense of grounding and community.
  • Benefit from your introversion or high sensitivity and reduce the challenge of it
  • Find your ways of having an impact without exhaustion.
  • Confidently and calmly ask for what you want in effective ways, including fair pay

A coach who is a fellow Introvert can be in your corner, to help you discover your path so you can have a life and livelihood that feeds your soul as an Introvert. Coaching has been shown to have a 600% return on investment (ROI), and it’s the secret sauce of top successful people.

It matters, to your well-being and fulfillment, as well as to those in the world that need your unique gifts.

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Keith Engelhardt

Awaken to the possibility and potential that is your birthright.

It’s never too late to shed all that baggage and leave the past behind entering the life of your dreams and manifest the desires that you have sidelined for so long. Move onto and into a new and long-awaited existence. Be the person you were meant to be.

  • What’s holding you back from moving forward experiencing immediate changes, and reaching your full potential?
  • Why keep struggling or falling behind in life?
  • Why not have your status quo replaced by enduring results rather than standing still?

You deserve better and are entitled to more…
Why not be one of the precious few that choose to change their circumstances and their life?
I know you are ready for change.

As a certified coach, I serve as a copilot that assists you to achieve your intentions and outcomes easier and with greater confidence, with a transformative 6 step (science based) process.

I do this because too many Introverts struggle with success and fulfillment.
Think about it, did you have any courses on success in school, or in life?
What’s that costing you?
So, why not learn evidence-based achievement and success principles that accelerate and exponentially increase your success?

As a child, I never heard anyone express their dreams, aspirations, goals, or intentions. Nor did I see them achieve them. Life was pretty much complacency and survival. I was never asked what my life dreams, aspirations, goals, or intentions were, nor was I taught how to define them, let alone achieve them. 

So, it was no wonder that I never defined any or knew how to define or manifest my desires or dreams in life. Life was about existence, endurance, and survival. It was exhausting. Sadly, it is the norm for far too many. Because of my background, I know what your are going through from not knowing how to obtain success, and I know your challenges from that void.

This is no longer the case for me, or the people I coach. I have learned how not only be true to my authentic self, and I also I know who that is, what I value, and where I add value. And, I have raised my standards for myself and what I expect in life. I constantly manifest my desires, dreams, intentions and I am able to obtain the outcomes that enriched my life. My life is now embodied by joy, grace, success, and fulfillment. You can have all this too. It’s what you deserve and are entitled too, and more.

You don’t have to have the same struggle, or research all the things that make one successful and fulfilled. I have made my life purpose to assist you to achieve the success and fulfillment you deserve and that is your divine right.

I don’t work with everyone. I just work with individuals that want transformation and are committed to their potential and obtain enduring change and make way for a new lifeWhy not be one of them and be the best person you can be, as well as get the results and outcomes you desire and deserve?

Take action now by affirming, feeling, and moving into the life you want to live. 
Book a FREE 30 Minute Discovery Session to solidify the success you want to achieve and deserve. Or, Purchase a Coaching Package.

Life is too short and too precious to continue what you’re doing and getting the same old results day after day while never achieving the full potential life has to offer.


“I’m no longer just breathing…
I’m alive coz I’m doing things that I love, exciting times for me…
Sometimes I found myself stuck up because of certain obstacles on my way.
I’ve seen coaching as helping me look into the situation in a different perspective through the guidance of a coach.
With his insights and wisdom I was able to realize that what seemed to be out of my control factors is actually within my control.
I found my life purpose and you are instrumental to that.”

Image of JAMELA M. Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines
Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

“Just three days after his very first coaching session:
I found out that I do have gifts that I can give to the world, and that they are valuable…
I got a lot more self-confidence and clear on what is my next step…
I would recommend coaching, because it’s hard figure everything out on your own, and a lot of people need the extra push to get started on what they dream about…
Thank you for being so calm and relaxed… It made me feel safe….
I’ve already had some progress so thank you so much…”

Image of Oscar.N.
(Stockholm, Sweden)
(Stockholm, Sweden)

Keith is great at helping me explore my obstacles and goals. We explore my options and create actionable goals to move toward with. Keith has a wide range of knowledge, particularly in the tech startup industry which was a plus.

Keith reminded me to embrace my inner intuition and get out of my head or get out of my own way. Although I knew this, it was nice to be reminded.

Image of STEVEN L.
Senior Civil Engineer - LA, California, USA
Senior Civil Engineer – LA, California, USA

Book a FREE 30 Minute Discovery Session to discuss your unique goals and needs.
Or, Purchase a Coaching Package.