Book CoverI am writing a book to provide helpful strategies for introverts to thrive and achieve their goals in a world that often caters more to extroverts. The book covers topics like leveraging your introspective nature as a strength, building confidence without pretense, navigating social situations on your own terms, and carving successful paths in your personal life and career.

As an introvert myself, I understand the unique experiences and challenges we face.

However, I want this book to reflect a wide range of introvert perspectives and stories. If you are willing to share, I would greatly appreciate any personal experiences, anecdotes, or insights you have related to these areas of your experience:

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Can you share an example of when your introspective nature led to a misunderstanding or miscommunication with others? What happened and how did you handle it?
Describe a situation where you felt your quiet strengths as an introvert were undervalued or overlooked. How did that make you feel?
What are some effective strategies you've used to self-advocate for your needs as an introvert (e.g. requesting accommodations, setting boundaries)?
Can you recall a time when you had to push outside your comfort zone? What was the situation and how did you psych yourself up for it?
How do you prioritize solitude and private time to recharge? What rituals or practices help you safeguard this need?
Share an example of when your introspective abilities helped you achieve an important personal or professional goal.
Add any additional comments about your experience as an Introvert that has not been covered in the above areas.

Thanks in advance,
Keith Engelhardt