Cover of How to be a Craftivist

How to be a Craftivist: The Art of Gentle Protest
by Sarah Corbett

How to Be a Craftivist is a manifesto for quiet activism: using the process of "making" to engage thoughtfully in the issues we are about, to influence and effect change. Sarah Corbett shares her journey from burnt-out activist, tired of marching, confrontation and demonizing opposition, towards a more respectful activism: using craft to contemplate global issues and start conversations rather than arguments; to engage, empower, and encourage people to become part of change in the face of injustice. Interwoven with Sarah’s personal stories of causes fought are ideas and suggestions for every novice craftivist. From how to think about the medium itself to looking at color, fonts, size, and message, here is inspiration for every detail of your creation. This is a book to initiate debates rather than shouting matches, to enable collaboration in place of confrontation. If we want a world that is beautiful, kind, and fair, shouldn’t our activism be beautiful, kind, and fair?



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